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The brand ®Alexander Aerial Acrobatics  stands for unique and safe aerial acrobatics products. You will find trapezes, straps, aerial rings, aerial silks and the necessary accessories. All our props are developed by us and are permanently tested for resilience and quality.

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Our developed design guarantees durable and safe use. The durable material stainless steel and the carefully selected natural materials such as ropes and leather offer the user optimal comfort and maintain the joy of the trapeze for a long time.

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Safe, known worldwide, appreciated from beginner to professional, comfortable and flexibly configurable ... all this and much more can be said about the strap series developed by us. But words alone do not describe them completely, best you just try them out!

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Our lyras, a combination of ring and harness, are unique in their design. One or 2 ropes are directly connected to the ring, providing a high level of comfort compared to a conventional suspension. The comfort can be further increased by optional padding. Of course, in addition to the "trapeze" rings, we also offer conventional rings without suspension points.

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This Lyra is build to be used with independent rigging Material!
from 148,50 EUR
This Lyra is build to be used with independent rigging Material!
from 173,25 EUR
This Lyra is build to be used with independent rigging Material!
from 138,60 EUR
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All our silk series have been carefully selected by us, tested for tear strength and suitability and then formed into a product that covers the highest safety requirements and individual needs. Regular load tests guarantee your safety.

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Custom build requests

All our products are individually manufactured and are therefore custom-made. But what would the world of artistry be without creative freedom? If you have special wishes or ideas, talk to us. We will implement them in the best possible way in your interest, but we will also look for alternatives if it becomes too uncertain or costly.

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We know how difficult it is to give the right gift to a loved one. Therefore, we also offer the possibility to purchase giftcards. This way you can be sure that in the end your loved ones will receive the right thing.

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